Tutorial: Photo Editing for Cool Newbies


Meet “Pic-Monkey”

Just uploaded your photos and noticed that some could do with a little tweaking? Well guess what, using our very own editing software , called “Pic Monkey” (Edit option’s available on every image in “Albums”) you can adjust about anything that can possibly need adjustment.

The possibilities are endless…

You can crop, chop, resize, rotate, adjust exposure and colour, add overlays and other effects (the list goes on). Or simply choose “auto adjust”…Honestly though, where’s the fun in that? You’ll see, once you’ve seen the seemingly endless array of options you’ll soon find yourself editing for hours.

Lets begin with the basics:

PicMonkey launches the Editor with the Basic Edits tab open. Click the “Auto Adjust” button to see what PicMonkey thinks is your photo’s best exposure, colour, and clarity. Sometimes the Monkey’s right, sometimes not.


Click Crop. If you want your photo to maintain its aspect ratio (proportions), click “Scale photo” before you start. Click and drag the corner circles to crop it, and click “Apply” when you like what you’ve done.



Notice the toolbar that floats directly above your photo. Your best friend is the “Undo” button, the curvy arrow icon that points to the left. This is how you undo any action or any effect once it’s been applied. For example, if you didn’t like what “Auto Adjust” did to your photo, click “Undo”.



If there’s a person in your photo, you can experiment with our Touch Up tools to bring out the best in his or her facial features. Go to the Touch Up tab by clicking the lipstick icon. Some all-time favourite ones are Blemish Fix, Blush Boost, and Weight Loss. You can obviously experiment with the other Touch Up effects too, and apply them to the photo. Some good effects are Wrinkle Remover, Mascara, Eye Brighten, and Air Brush. Our photo subject got Barbie-perfect skin today (with Wrinkle Remover).



Click the Effects tab (the magic wand icon in the far left column). These effects are made of awesome, and they can dramatically change the mood of your photo in one click. The effects group called Tried and True are huge among PicMonkeyers. We used Dusk to create a warm vignette around our wistful lady. But why not try something different. Remember, anything can be undone



Time to have some fun with photo overlays. Click the Overlays tab (the butterfly icon in the far left column). Scroll down the menu to the People Toppers effects group. Click Facial Hair and observe the instant manliness. We’ve decided Mrs. Wistful needs a moustache. The corner circles help you size the overlay, and the top circle helps rotate the image to just the right angle.

Also, apart from picking your favourite overlay from the list, you can upload your very own (such as a company logo for example) and add it to your photos.It couldn’t be easier, simply go to “Overlays” (the butterfly icon), then click on “Your own” and well, upload your own.



Now it’s time to frame zis verk of art. Click the Frame tab (the square icon near the bottom of the far left column). The first four frames are the easiest to work with because they maintain your photo’s original aspect ratio. Try Polaroid Frame. Notice that it may crop your photo to a square. Click “Transparent Background,” which makes the frame look super realistic.


Save your photo using the Save button in the top toolbar.


  • Those who are not expert in editing task in Photoshop for them PicMonkey is a better choice. Though you will not be able to do some complex editing here but still good for newbies for sure.

  • Very good and easy tools for photo editing . thanks for shearing with us .

  • Interesting photo editing tools.I must try this tools for editing my image. Nice to share this tools with us.

  • this is great picture you have shared its really so cool.