Think outside the box: 5 creative photo book ideas

There’s more to personalised photo books than meets the eye, and they can be used in a myriad of ways if you’re willing to think outside the box.

We’ve put together our own list of 5 creative photo book ideas to get you started.

Kids artwork
5 Creative Ideas for Photo Books
Have a particularly creative child and limited fridge, wall and pinboard space? Why not scan and fill a photo book with your children’s many mini masterpieces?

Not only can you reclaim your fridge, your child will love flicking through a book full of their own creations.

Special birthdays
Photo Book Creation Ideas
Have a child, grandchild or sibling about to hit 18 or 21? Why not create a personalised photo book documenting there life from birth to their big day? Not only do they receive a birthday present with a personal touch, you can guarantee a few laughs and a lot of nostalgia along the way.

School portfolios
School portfolio photo book idea
Want to help your child turn heads at school the next time a big project is due? Photo books are a brilliant, and cost effective, way to create a stunning, professionally bound portfolio that’s perfect for nearly all art, design and technology projects!

Home cookbooks
Home cook book photo book ideas
Is your house full of hand written recipes and magazine cuttings? Why not create your very own homemade cookbook with our flexible photo book layouts? Not only will you cut down on clutter and reduce the risk of losing your precious recipes, you’ll also have a wonderfully presented finished product to show off to friends and family.

365 Project
365 Project Photo Book
Thinking about starting your own 365 project? Photo books are a brilliant way to document your success from start to finish and a great way to show off, celebrate and look back on your achievement years down the road.