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6 (very) unusual photography techniques for added creativity

  1) Rotate – ever whirled a child around you? why not try doing exactly that with your camera and take a shot mid whirl. The result is usually nothing short of spectacular! 2) Zooming whilst your shooting – Another great way of getting good a sense of movement into your images is to keep the camera still […]

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Photography 1-0-1

PHOTOGRAPHY 1-0-1 Photography Tip: Framing Your Pictures Posted on April 15, 2015 by Matt Framing Your Pictures When we talk about framing an image most people think about the frame that surrounds the photograph. However, when you talk to most pro photographers about framing they think about the actual framing composition within the picture itself. […]

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Capture the purrrfect portrait: 5 top pet photography tips

We like photography and we’re guessing you do too. While most of us will have homes filled with photos the photos of our pets are often blurry, colourless snap shots. But why? Aren’t they a part of the family too?! We say enough is enough! Read on fellow pet lovers, for our 5 top pet […]

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