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Photography Tip: Framing Your Pictures
Posted on April 15, 2015 by Matt

Framing Your Pictures

When we talk about framing an image most people think about the frame that surrounds the photograph. However, when you talk to most pro photographers about framing they think about the actual framing composition within the picture itself.

Here are a few simple tricks, explained by professional photographer Christian Keenan:

Sense of Perspective

Framing a scene gives your pictures a sense of location, perspective and will add greater depth to your work making your images much more photographically interesting. It will also give your photograph a focal point, somewhere for the viewers eye to go and it will also hold them there for longer.

Here are some examples of framing that I achieved whilst photographing wedding.



Using the lines and shapes of buildings to frame your subjects is a great way to add strength to an image.



Using the foreground is a great way to add depth if you focus on your subject in the background.



Rather than just standing at the front of a building move away and see what is around you that will allow you to frame your subject.



Using doorways is an excellent way to frame your subject matter. Here I am using a 200mm lens to help compress the image and bring the couple closer to the lens.