Photo Books Are Not Just For Photos

When you hear the word photo book you automatically think of a book filled with all your favourite photos taken over the years but have you ever thought about what else you could fill one with?

How many of you have your children’s artwork stuck on the fridge at home or stored away in drawers? I bet lots of you do but it can be hard to keep all your little one’s favourite paintings and drawings safe from spillages or being caught up in paper work never to be seen again. Well we’ve got the perfect idea to keep them all in one safe place which is easy to access when you want to have a little trip down memory lane in years to come or to show off your budding Picasso – a photo book!

Before you can make your photo book you’ll need to scan your child’s artwork onto the computer making sure they’re saved as a jpeg. If your boy or girl is old enough why not get them to help you. A lot of the time you find that the date the drawing or painting was produced is marked on the back of the artwork and to make sure you don’t forget how old your little one was when they created their masterpieces you can simply add the date in a text box below their picture within the photo book.

The photo book of all their artwork will make the perfect addition to the bookshelf in their room or on your coffee table to show off to your friends and family and best of all we’re pretty sure grandparents will just love to receive one of these at Christmas.

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Enjoy being creative!