New Horizons – A Pluto Fly-by

History was made this week! (Although it’s fair to say it’s being made every day…)

Nasa’s New Horizons probe has made its historic journey past Pluto!!

Big Deal? Well we think it is. It took the probe an incredible nine years to travel all the way out to Pluto, and take the clearest pictures ever of the dwarf planet.

“Take off” was back in 2006 (same year Twitter was launched), and by the time Apple introduced their very first iPhone it had already made it all the way to Jupiter! Travelling at over 1 million miles per day (!) it still took a whole 9 years to complete the 3.26 billion mile journey.


We salute you, New Horizons (and those hard working folks at NASA)


This pixelated, blurry image, taken with the Hubble Space Telescope, is the best view of Pluto that was available before the New Horizons mission. (Photo: HST/NASA)


Pluto, as of July 2015!