Blog becomes Huggler

Huggler has finally been unveiled as the new name for photo book website as it looks to grow and becomes its own brand.

The online retailer, which first came onto the scene as an affiliated site to electronics retailer, has surpassed all expectations and is now beginning to build its own brand and identity. Director Rebecca Huggler explains.

“The first couple of years have been about building a business that is sustainable, offering fantastic quality photo products at competitive prices through a user friendly website, and despite trading in a difficult economy the business has grown significantly. A large part of the success has been thanks to the association and support of the existing online retail company, but following the growth of both companies it has become clear they both needed their own brand and identity, hence Huggler is born.”

The name Huggler was chosen because Huggler Print has over 50 years experience in printing and produces all the personalised products at its Jersey based headquarters. This experience has guaranteed the very high quality of printing and helped keep customers comng back time and time again.

This is just the beginning of some very exciting developments for Huggler. The company plans to develop its product lines including a new large square hardcover wedding photo book, Instagram photo book, and other releases planned for the next couple of months.

As well as a new name and look the website has also been improved, with enhanced functionality making it easier for new and existing customers to navigate their way around the site to make and personalise products, including cards, photo books, and calendars.