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When not to take selfies

Most of us will have already taken many (far to many) selfies… Generally speaking though, there’s nothing wrong with that, unless of course you decide to take one when it’s most inappropriate (or take more then 10 a day)! So here’s our list of 5 “No-No’s” Cabin fills with smoke? Selfie!! You’d think he has more […]

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8 beautiful locations for Landscape photography in the UK

The UK… With its rolling hills, stunning coast line and gorgeous beaches it offers many, many great locations for top landscape photography. Unfortunately far to many to list here, but below you’ll find 8 spots we think are a “must shoot”(or simply great to go on holiday to).   THE ISLES OF SCILLY FAIRY POOL, ISLE OF […]

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11 Amazing shots of nature winning its battle against Civilization

When people move on, or disaster strikes, some places are simply left behind… abandoned.  It usually doesn’t take long before nature creeps back in to turn man-made landmarks and other objects into strangely beautiful, yet sometimes spooky places (and gives us an idea of what Earth might look like once we’re gone). Here’s a few great photographs of Nature, claiming back […]

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New Horizons – A Pluto Fly-by

History was made this week! (Although it’s fair to say it’s being made every day…) Nasa’s New Horizons probe has made its historic journey past Pluto!! Big Deal? Well we think it is. It took the probe an incredible nine years to travel all the way out to Pluto, and take the clearest pictures ever of the […]

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The Photographers Bucket List (or 10 places to see and shoot before you die)

Agreed, there’s hundreds, if not thousands of places out there that you should be visiting (and take pictures of whilst you’re there). But, having spent hours and hours sifting through some of the worlds finest locations we’ve managed to come up with what we think is a short and sweet list of 10. So here it is, our list […]

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