Capture the purrrfect portrait: 5 top pet photography tips

We like photography and we’re guessing you do too. While most of us will have homes filled with photos the photos of our pets are often blurry, colourless snap shots. But why? Aren’t they a part of the family too?! We say enough is enough!

Read on fellow pet lovers, for our 5 top pet photography tips… No one puts fluffy in the corner.

Use natural light
People rarely look their best with a bright flash pointed in their face and your pets are no different. Using natural window light or getting outside on an over cast day will often yield the best results.

Not only will relaxing help you improve your own photographic performance it will also put your pet at ease, allowing you both to enjoy the experience and create more natural, playful images.

Change your perspective
Posing your pet can be as stressful for you as it is frustrating for them, chances are you’ll end up with a memory card full of dogs walking away and cats jumping off tables.

Instead try moving to your pet. Get low, get high, get upside down, whatever it takes to get on your pets level. You’ll end up with a great set of images and your pet will thank you for it.

Patience is a virtue
It may not be your (or our!) greatest virtue, but a little patience goes a long way when it comes to pet photography.

When you first start waving a camera in your pets face it will be a mix of excited, anxious, curious and timid but he/she will soon calm down and start acting naturally. This is when the magic happens.

Time for a close up
Feel free to switch things up! Sometimes changing to a larger or shorter lens can turn an average shot into a stunning, family pleasing portrait. Fill the frame with a close up of your pets face or switch to a macro lens to capture the finer details.
Zoom in, move closer, use bribery, just don’t be afraid to get intimate on your search for the purrrfect portrait.