Behind the scenes

Here’s a little snapshot taken during our recent photo-shoot


Huggler ‘s latest Product Photo-shoot

The aim of the shoot was to gather more great images of our books, calendars and diaries to go onto the website.

Mission accomplished? Having spend (seemingly) endless hours on set (in some awkward positions) we’d like to think so but taking the actual photographs was “only” a small part of the undertaking. Next step is working ourselves through all 1500 images, followed by the final editing of the short-listed photos (we’re a bunch of perfectionists, this will require endurance… and several cups of coffee)

In the above photo you get to see that it does not only take a multitude of cameras, lenses, filters and other lighting equipment to get the job done. Some shots simply require a certain level of creativity to get them right. A bit like making your Photo book (please do not stick a fork into your beautiful creation).

Should you have been a loyal customer for while now (the kind we so greatly appreciate) you will without a doubt be familiar with our website and its contents.

So keep your eyes open, for that some of our products will soon be updated with a new set of photos.