6 (very) unusual photography techniques for added creativity


1) Rotate – ever whirled a child around you? why not try doing exactly that with your camera and take a shot mid whirl. The result is usually nothing short of spectacular!


2) Zooming whilst your shooting – Another great way of getting good a sense of movement into your images is to keep the camera still but to zoom in or out whilst actually taking the shot.


3) Creative focusing –  Not getting the focus right? Great! Here you can take your focusing problems and make them even worse, as you don’t just get it slightly wrong – but make your shots look like they’re obviously out of focus. This technique is especially effective when you either have a plain background or when there’s a secondary element of the image that you leave in focus, with the main focal point out of focus (make sure it is still recognisable though)

Water droplets on dead grass stems in early morning light.

4) Overexpose your shots – Why not experiment with different exposure levels? Bump it up to the max for example, and you’ll end up with brightly burnt out images!


5) Go grainy – There is something special about those shots with lots of grain. Adds an element of mood to the image. Override your cameras ISO settings by boosting them right up to the max. The higher you go the more noise (or grain) you’ll get!


6) White Balance – These settings are usually meant to be used to help you compensate for different types of lights, experimenting with them on your camera can actually inject different colour casts into your photos!